You Ask, We Answer. FAQs: MotoAmerica Live+

After announcing our MotoAmerica Live+, we started receiving a lot of questions from our fans. We hope this answers those questions.

Q: What is MotoAmerica Live+?

A: MotoAmerica Live+ is a paid subscription streaming service that broadcasts comprehensive coverage of the MotoAmerica Series via a downloadable mobile phone app or on an internet-enabled computer, tablet, or TV.

Q: How do I access MotoAmerica Live+?

A: Beginning on April 5, 2019, you can access MotoAmerica Live+ on iOS and Android phones, tablets, and devices. Fans with iOS or Android devices are also able to access MotoAmerica Live+ on their TVs via Chromecast.

Q: Do I have to watch live or can I access the content on demand?

A: Just like with a DVR, MotoAmerica Live+ has an on-demand option, so you can choose to watch MotoAmerica race coverage as it happens or at whatever time is convenient for you

Q: What’s the difference between the coverage on MotoAmerica Live+, FOX Sports 2, and NBC Sports Network?

A: MotoAmerica Live+ provides streaming content of virtually everything happening at each MotoAmerica round, and it’s the next-best thing to being right at the track. All EBC Brakes Superbike, Liqui Moly Junior Cup, Supersport, Stock 1000, and Twins Cup races, along with some of the practice and qualifying sessions will all be streamed on MotoAmerica Live+.

FOX Sports 2 is the home of MotoAmerica’s EBC Brakes Superbike class, and it will feature live or same day coverage of all 20 of the season’s EBC Brakes Superbike races.

NBC Sports Network will present weekly, one-hour produced shows, which will include race highlights, rider interviews, lifestyle segments, and other special features that give fans a close-up look at virtually all aspects of the MotoAmerica series.

Q: A subscription to MotoAmerica Live+ includes a discount on tickets to a MotoAmerica round. How does that work?

A: After you subscribe, you’ll receive a special promo code that you can use for future ticket purchases to select MotoAmerica events via the MotoAmerica website.

Q: I bought a ticket to a MotoAmerica round before subscribing to MotoAmerica Live+. Can I still get the discount price even though I already bought a ticket?

A: You’ll still receive a promo code but you can only apply the discount to a ticket purchase for a future MotoAmerica event.

To subscribe to MotoAmerica Live+, visit