The Friday 5: Five Questions With Supersport Rider Nolan Lamkin

Midwesterner Nolan Lamkin is another one of the original MotoAmerica riders who has been with us since the series began in 2015. He started out in the KTM RC Cup class and, after two seasons, moved up to Supersport. We caught up with the Cycle Gear Racing Yamaha rider and asked him “The Friday Five.” Here are his answers:

1. What’s your favorite thing about living in Indianapolis?

The people here are amazing, but the thing I like best is the geographical location of Indy. You’re able to easily go anywhere you want to go because Indy is centrally located and it’s a short drive to most of the tracks on the MotoAmerica schedule. That’s my favorite thing.

2. What is your favorite track on the MotoAmerica schedule?

My favorite track WILL be The Ridge. I’ve been there with Jason Pridmore and it’s a beautiful track. I can’t wait to race there next year.

3. You’re sent to a deserted island to live for one full year, and you can only take three things with you. What are they?

Water, the biggest book or an e-reader with a lot of battery capacity, and a hammock. Hopefully, there are two palm trees on the island that I can tie my hammock to.

4. Not counting yourself, who is your favorite rider in the MotoAmerica paddock and why?

Caroline Olsen because she is the strongest person I know, and she never gives up.

5. You’re 6 feet, 1 inch tall. Do you feel cramped on a 600, and have you considered racing in Stock 1000?

That’s come up a lot recently. I do feel cramped on the 600, and we’ve changed the ergonomics on the bike to give me some more room. As for moving up to a 1000, we’re looking at our options for next year, and depending on the schedule and the number of races that the Stock 1000 class has, we may make the jump.

Bonus Question: Were you one of those Indianapolis Colts fans who booed poor Andrew Luck last week after he announced his retirement?

I’m actually a Bears fan, but the Colts have a terrible offensive line, so for those fans to boo him is stupid. Booing anyone, in general, is stupid. Of all the cities, I wouldn’t have expected Indianapolis fans to boo.


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