The Friday 5: Five Questions With Supersport Rider Benjamin Smith

Supersport rider Benjamin Smith at speed aboard his Team Norris Racing Yamaha at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

2017 MotoAmerica KTM RC Cup Champion Benjamin Smith is currently in his second year as a rider for Team Norris Racing in the Supersport class, and this year, he’s aboard the #88 Yamaha YZF-R6. We checked in with the 19-year-old Pennsylvania rider and asked him “The Friday Five.” Here’s what he had to say: 

1.Tell us something interesting that we don’t know about your hometown of Glenmoore, Pennsylvania.

It’s small, there’s not much to it, and it gets cold in the winter. Oh, and every time I ride dirt bikes here, I get in trouble.

2. Can you name the famous actor who played Mr. Smith in the 1939 motion picture “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”?

We actually watched that movie in history class this year. Mr. Smith was played by James Stewart!

3. What do you like best about racing in MotoAmerica’s Supersport class?

The level of competition. Being able to see what the front guys can do and having that “carrot.” Seeing what Supersport bikes are capable of.

4. What is your favorite flavor of Smith Bros. cough drops? Wild Cherry, Honey Lemon, or Warm Apple Pie?

Honey Lemon doesn’t sound too bad. Warm Apple Pie… I think I would try that.

5. What does Benjamin Smith have in common with a piano?

I have zero musical talent, and I have an electric piano in my bedroom, but I have no idea.

(Editor’s note: There are 88 keys on a piano and Smith’s competition number is 88)

That’s the ONLY thing I have in common with a piano.

Bonus Question: Have you ever referred to (Team Norris Racing co-owner) Angie Norris as “Kelly”? (Editor’s note: Kelly Norris is Angie’s husband, and he is the other owner of Team Norris Racing)

I have, definitely. I won’t even lie to you. I’ve walked right up to Angie and called her “Kelly.”

(Editor’s note: Don’t feel bad, Benjamin. I’ve done it, too.)


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