The Friday 5: Five Questions With Superbike Rider Jake Gagne

Scheibe Racing BMW Superbike rider Jake Gagne is a versatile guy. Besides motorcycle road racing, the San Diego resident surfs, rides bicycles, is a talent on a motocross bike, is an instructor at Danny Walker’s American Supercamp, and he enjoys a good comedy, especially when it’s about his hometown. Here are Gagne’s answers to “The Friday Five”:

1. What is your favorite animal at the San Diego Zoo?

The pandas are really cool, especially the babies. That’s one of the things that the San Diego Zoo is known for, so I’ve got to go with pandas.

2. Speaking of “animals,” you don’t eat them. Why do you follow a plant-based diet?

It was kind of a natural progression. I slowly started eliminating meat from my diet, and I’ve felt better ever since. It wasn’t just the principle of the thing–not eating animals–but now that I’m on a 100% plant-based diet, I can’t even imagine going back to eating meat.

3. What is just one thing about racing your BMW S 1000 RR Superbike that you wish you could do better?

My starts. They’re terrible. Learning how to use the launch control and the electronics has been really tough for me this season. I kind of feel like I need to take the bike to a dragstrip and just work on my starts.

4. Which rider did you get along with best in the World Superbike paddock?

My teammate Leon Camier and I got along really great. And I’ve known Chaz Davies for a long time. I get along great with Eugene Laverty and Johnny Rea, too. We all used to hang out together after the races. All those guys together in one of their motorhomes, it was just fun to be around them.

5. When it comes to motocross bikes, which do you prefer, four-strokes or two-strokes, and why?

Four-strokes. I’ve been on them so long, and if you’re talking pure performance, the four strokes are just so good now. Everybody loves the sound and smell of two-strokes, and I get that, but for training, four-strokes get you so much stronger.

Pop Quiz: In the movie Anchorman, what is Will Ferrell drinking when he says, “it was a bad choice”?

Milk! That’s easy. I never drink milk, and I always think it’s a bad choice, not just when it’s hot outside. But, come on, I’m from the whale’s vagina. San Diego was discovered by the Germans in 1904.


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