The Friday 5: Five Questions With Stock 1000 Rider Miles Thornton

For 2019, Georgia-based Miles Thornton moved up to the Stock 1000 class aboard the #72 Altus Motorsports Suzuki GSX-R1000. Thus far, it’s been a somewhat trying season for Thornton as he and the team come to grips with the electronics on the big bike. A motorcycle road racer on the weekend, the multi-talented Thornton also has a day job as the owner of Thornton Tile and Design LLC. We caught up with the very busy Thornton and asked him “The Friday Five.” Here are his answers:

1. Can you tell us something interesting about West Point, Georgia?

There is a college called Point University here in West Point, and it’s fairly new, like in the last six years or so. I’ve had friends who have gone there for sports.

2. You have an amazing tattoo of a Native American Chief on your forearm. What is the significance of that tattoo?

It’s a little bit of my bloodline. When my Grandfather on my Dad’s side, who I was named after, passed away, I got the tattoo to honor him and my bloodline as a member of the Choctaw Nation. Ironically, George Nassaney, the owner of Altus Motorsports, the team I race for, is also Choctaw.

3. What is the difference between mortar and grout?

In the tile business, mortar is also called thinset. It’s what you use to set the tiles, and it bonds to the subfloor. Grout is what goes in the spacing between the tiles. Grout can be sanded, which has sand in it, and non-sanded, which is smoother.

4. If you were born in Canada instead of the U.S., do you think you would have been named “Kilometers Thornton”?

In Canada, I would have to change my middle name to “Kilometers.” My full name is actually Richard Miles Thornton II, so my first name is really Richard. My grandfather was Richard Miles Thornton I. So, in Canada, I guess I would be Richard Kilometers Thornton, but I wouldn’t be the second because my grandfather would have never gone for “Kilometers.”

5. Do you prefer the way the Stock 1000 class is now or the way the Superstock 1000 class was when they raced at the same time as Superbike?

I think I would like racing Stock 1000 on the track at the same time as the Superbike class. Even though you have to push yourself, you want to have those Superbikes as a challenge. It would be fun to try to get up there and mix it up with them.

Bonus Question: Can you name the 35th President of the United States?

John F. Kennedy. I studied in school, and I really like history. Plus, I like to watch news shows and documentaries.

So, you didn’t guess it was John F. Kennedy because your girlfriend’s name is Kennedy Burt, and we thought that would be a hint?

I didn’t even make that connection. I just thought about the number 35 and figured it was JFK.

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