The Friday 5: Five Questions With Liqui Moly Junior Cup And Twins Cup Rider Jackson Blackmon

Nicknamed “Action Jackson” by the late, great Brian Drebber, Jackson Blackmon has been a fixture in MotoAmerica’s Liqui Moly Junior Cup class, and this past season, he began to make the transition to bigger bikes when he raced one of Russell Masecar’s Suzuki SV650s in the final two rounds of the Twins Cup Championship while still racing a Monkey Moto/AGV Sport/Blud Lubricants Kawasaki in Junior Cup. Here are Blackmon’s answers to “The Friday Five”:

1. What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown of Rock Hill, South Carolina?

Fishing on my friend Connor’s pond where we catch a lot of bass and release them back in the pond.

2. You raced in two classes in 2019. What class or classes are you going to race in 2020?

I’m planning to race in Twins Cup. I finished in the top five the past two years in Junior Cup so, by rule, I have to move up, but I’m definitely ready for the bigger bikes full-time.

3. Name one thing you wish your Junior Cup bike could do as well as your Twins Cup bike and one thing you wish your Twins Cup bike could do as well as your Junior Cup bike.

I wish the Junior Cup bike had the same pull off the turns that the Twins do, and I wish the Twins Cup bike was as easy to maneuver as the Junior Cup bike is. So, basically, I want more power out of the Junior Cup bike and better handling out of the Twins Cup bike.

4. After the season ended, what was the first thing you ate that you didn’t eat all season long?

Me and Andrew Lee went and got a McDonald’s ice cream cone after the Night of Champions banquet.

5. Does anyone call you “Jack”?

Actually, no, but sometimes I get “Jackie Chan” and “Jackie B.”

Bonus Question: What is a “Carolina Reaper?”

It’s the spiciest pepper in the world. I’ve never tried one, but at the concession stand at the track near me, they sell Carolina Reapers. My friend ate one, went out for a session, then came back in and threw up. I don’t want any part of that.

(Editor’s Note: Measured at 1,569,300 Scoville units, the “Carolina Reaper” holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s hottest pepper. It was originally bred by Rock Hill resident Ed Currie in his backyard.)