The Friday 5: Five Questions With Junior Cup Rider Trevor Standish

Trevor Standish is a long-time member of the MotoAmerica race paddock. Along with his father Dean, the Standish’s Pure Attitude Racing team epitomizes “professionalism” in the way they look and perform, and at VIRginia International Raceway this season, the team had a breakthrough when Trevor finished on the podium in the Liqui Moly Junior Cup class. A former child actor, Trevor is a gregarious and good-spirited young man, and he is the perfect choice for “The Friday Five.” Here are his answers:

1. Why is your team called Pure Attitude Racing?

Pure Attitude is the business that my dad started back in 2001. His mission was to create apparel that had a good message behind it. He saw a lot of shirts that he didn’t feel portrayed the right attitude. Pure Attitude is all about having a good attitude and not a bad one. The attitude of the apparel is “pure” and uplifting, and that’s what Pure Attitude Racing arose from.

2. Tell us something interesting about your hometown of Roswell, Georgia.

Here’s an interesting fact that I found out about a month ago. I went to a private school in Roswell, but Geoff May went to Roswell High School, which is right in the same area as my school, so there are actually two MotoAmerica riders from the same part of Georgia.

3. Are you related to Captain Myles Standish, who originally came to America aboard the Mayflower?

Yes, I am. I am the 14th descendant of Captain Myles Standish, in fact. I did a research project in the fourth grade, and I learned all that. Fun fact: he was one of the men who discovered an island off the coast of Massachusetts that they named “Isle Trevore.” I don’t think he named it after me, though, and today, it’s known as Thompson’s Island.

4. What is your favorite racetrack on the MotoAmerica schedule?

I would have to say VIRginia International Raceway because I’ve had a lot of success there (Editor’s Note: including his aforementioned first Liqui Moly Junior Cup podium earlier this year at VIR).

5. Would you rather star in a buddy film as Brad Pitt’s handsome, young sidekick or graduate magna cum laude from Kennesaw State University?

I’m majoring in physics, so as tough as this decision is, I have to go with graduating with high honors from Kennesaw State. If racing doesn’t pan out for me, then graduating with high honors in Physics will give me something to fall back on.

Bonus Question: Comedian Jeff Foxworthy is from your hometown of Roswell, Georgia, so complete this sentence: “If you’ve ever mowed your lawn and found a car…”

…you might be a redneck.

Ironically, the first feature film I ever did was narrated by Jeff Foxworthy, and also, my dad installed cabinets in his house a long time ago and said he’s a really nice guy.


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