The Friday 5: Five Questions With Junior Cup Rider Rocco Landers

Rocco Landers’ 2019 MotoAmerica race season was one for the ages. The 14-year-old phenom came into the Liqui Moly Junior Cup and absolutely dominated aboard his Motorsports/Dr Farr Kawasaki, winning all but three of the 17 races on his way to capturing the Championship. And, he used that as a springboard to ultimately being selected to compete in next year’s Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Championship. Here are Rocco’s answers to “The Friday Five”:

1. Did you go trick-or-treating last night, and if so, what was your costume?

I was a unicorn dressed as a human, so I wore a T-shirt that said, “I’m a unicorn dressed as a human,” and it was hot pink.

2. If you didn’t race motorcycles, what would you be doing?

I’d be moping around because motorcycle racing means everything to me.

3. You were sponsored by “Dr. Farr” this year, and we heard you mention him in every post-race interview, podium interview, and press conference. Who is Dr. Farr, and why is he one of your sponsors?

Dr. Farr is an orthopedic surgeon in San Jose, and I met him last year at a Chuckwalla club race. We became friends, and he wanted to sponsor me.

4. You won 14 out of 17 Liqui Moly Junior Cup races this past season. What is your biggest advantage as a rider?

I was racing in Spain for a few years, and we had a lot of adversity, so I think it taught me how to overcome obstacles. And also to go fast right from the start.

5. What is your ultimate goal in motorcycle road racing?

I want to win MotoGP World Championships.

Bonus Question: Your father’s name is Stoney. Is that why you were named Rocco, and has your mother Jamie ever considered changing her name to Sandy?

My Mom named me Rocco just because she liked the name. She probably should change her name to Sandy, though, because she likes Grease so much.