The Friday 5: One Question For The Five MotoAmerica Champions

MotoAmerica’s Fab Five. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

In the currently running movie Ford v Ferrari, which stars academy award winners Matt Damon as the legendary Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as race car driver Ken Miles, there is a subplot where Miles contemplates, and discusses, “the perfect lap.”

It’s a somewhat quixotic concept that resonates with racers of virtually every discipline. So, for this week’s edition of “The Friday 5,” rather than ask one rider five different questions, we asked each of our five 2019 class champions the same question: “Have you ever had a perfect lap?” Here are their answers:

Rocco Landers, Liqui Moly Junior Cup Champion

I don’t think I have. Every single time that I’ve had my best lap, I always look back and think I could have gone faster in a certain turn or whatever. At New Jersey last year, I thought I had a lap where I didn’t make any mistakes, so it could have been perfect, or maybe it was just perfect for me.

Alex Dumas, Twins Cup Champion

That’s a really good question, I’m pretty sure that I already have. This year in Utah, during the second qualifying session on Saturday, I was able to do a 1:36.2 at the end of the session, which was a new lap record. Not only did I manage to do a good lap but that also helped the team and me to improve on the bike suspension setup for the race, which I ended up winning. It felt hard to do the lap, but after making some adjustments, it made my Suzuki SV650 easy to race.

Bobby Fong, Supersport Champion

Yes, it’s happened a few times. They only happen when I’m leading a race. It’s just a feeling you get, and it doesn’t just show up in the lower lap times. You just know when it happens.

Andrew Lee, Stock 1000 Champion

I have yet to hit the perfect lap. There is always room to improve. With my mindset, there will never be a perfect lap. Someone else may look at a stopwatch and think it’s perfect. But I’ll always think I could have gone faster.

Cameron Beaubier, EBC Brakes Superbike Champion

Probably not. I feel like you can never have a perfect lap. You’ll always have something that you could have done a little better. The closest thing to a perfect lap for me was last year when I got into the “23’s” on race tires at Barber Motorsports Park. It felt effortless to me. Some of my Superpole laps have felt so fast, and in the race, when I do a lap like that on race tires, it’s just…effortless. But, is it a perfect lap? No, I don’t think so.

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