The Friday 5: Five Questions With Twins Cup Rider Jason Madama

Twins Cup rider Jason Madama is an interesting guy, to say the least. You need look no further than his colorful racebike to figure that out. And, as colorful as his bike is, Madama himself is even more colorful. He’s the perfect person to feature in “The Friday 5,” and here are his answers:

1. What is it about racing motorcycles that excites you the most?

I would have to say, obviously, I like the speed and going fast. Being able to ride a motorcycle on a closed circuit without getting into trouble. I like to get the adrenaline going. Also, I enjoy hanging out with all the people in the paddock.

2. You are your toughest critic, so your 2019 MotoAmerica season probably didn’t go as well as you hoped. Why?

I think a lot of it had to do with not having a team to help me out. In 2018, I was able to fly in, drive to the track, and just race the bike. This past year, I had to do all of it myself. I drove to every single track myself, and worked on my bike myself, so actually riding the bike was just one small part, and my results were not where I wanted them to be. I actually went two to four seconds faster at every track this year, but the competition level was a lot higher. I ended the season in the top six, so I guess it wasn’t too bad, but I still need to step it up for this year. I need to go into 2020 with more of a gung-ho attitude and get a crew chief to help me.

3. Is there a specific reason why you run the number 213?

It’s my birthday, February 13. I always wanted to run 13, but when I first started racing, it was already taken. The next one on my list was 213, so I went with that, and it stuck. Plus, my number encompasses every position on the podium: 1, 2, and 3, and since the 1 is in middle, when I win a championship, I can defend it by keeping 213 but making the 2 and 3 a little smaller on each side and making the 1 in the middle more prominent. (Editor: Can you tell that Madama is a graphic designer by trade?)

4. Your wife Tiff runs a bridal shop, and you’re involved in the business, too. What’s the best piece of advice you can give to couples who are planning to get married?

Take your time. Tiff and I have been together for 16 years, but we only got married five years ago. Make sure you get to know the person really well before you take that next step because you want to make it count. I did.

5. You have, without question, the most colorful bike in the entire MotoAmerica paddock, which makes sense, since you are a graphic designer. What is your favorite color?

Pink! I love pink because it grabs a lot of attention. Also, I went with pink because of the wedding store, and once you start winning on a pink bike, you’ve got to stay with it.

Bonus Question: Pretty much whenever we see you in the paddock, and you’re not in your leathers, you’re shirtless. Are shirts overrated?

It’s because I have to do all the work, and I sweat like crazy! And since I’m always on the road, I can’t do a lot of laundry, so I like to keep my team shirts fresh for the autograph sessions and meeting the fans. Also, I kind of like to put on a show for the ladies.