The Friday 5: Five Questions With EBC Brakes Superbike Rider Jake Lewis

Jake Lewis is always an interesting person to talk to, whether it’s about road racing, Kentucky Wildcats basketball, hairstyles, or riding dirt bikes in the woods. We checked in with the M4 ECSTAR Suzuki Superbike rider and asked him “The Friday 5.” Here are his answers:

1. What is your favorite thing about racing a Superbike?

The speed and the level of competition. It’s a tough group of guys to race with and, as I get older, I realize how much of an understanding you have to have to race a Superbike. The electronics, how the tire drops off, and all the strategy. It’s a challenge, and I love it.

2. You’re the tallest rider in the MotoAmerica paddock. What advantages does your height give you as a Superbike racer?

One of the only advantages is the leverage that I have when I’m on the bike. With my long arms, I can turn the bike well and grip it really well with my legs. Everyone wants to be little and light, and I try to keep myself as light as possible. But, I can’t change my height, so I try to use it to my advantage as much as possible.

3. The other Owensboro Boys like to post photos of you sleeping. Do you think you get more hours of sleep each day than the average human?

I would say I definitely do. One of my favorite things is sleeping. Whenever I’m in a car with those guys, it’s always a good time to sleep because, otherwise, I’d have to talk to them. One of my mechanics calls me “Double Digit” because I like to get at least 10 hours of sleep each day.

Pondering a mullet mohawk for 2020? Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

4. You and JD Beach seem to be really into woods riding. As a training tool, is there anything about woods riding that helps you on the Superbike?

I just think riding any kind of bike helps hone your skills. The cross country races are two hours long, so it helps me stay in shape and work on my endurance. Plus, with woods riding, you have to maneuver through the trees, and it helps me with my balance and core strength. I really enjoy it.

5. Last year, you made a fashion statement by sporting a totally righteous mullet. Would you consider going with a mohawk in 2020?

That’s funny. Last month, I thought about shaving my head into a mohawk. I just like to do something different, and the fans seem to enjoy, so yeah, I would consider going with a mohawk in 2020. Or maybe combine it and go with a mullet mohawk.

Bonus Question: Thanksgiving is next Thursday. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dinner dish?

The dressing. I love Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s the dressing that’s my favorite. I also like all the leftovers, and I will keep those going for a while. I always start training hard after the holidays because I love Thanksgiving.