Superstock 600 Racer Melissa Paris Lands New Title Sponsor

Travel Insurance gurus Seven Corners will back M4 Suzuki ride in middleweight class.

Seven Corners, Melissa Paris, M4 Suzuki, MotoAmerica

Seven Corners is now the title sponsor for Melissa Paris’ MPH Racing M4 Suzuki program in the MotoAmerica Superstock 600 class.

Seven Corners

How often do you take fun trips on your motorcycle—daily, weekly or perhaps once a year? No matter how frequently you ride, you should always think about additional insurance.

What if you’re on a road trip and you become sick or hurt and can’t ride your bike home? What if you’re in an accident that damages your bike and you can’t ride it? What will you do? These are questions that should be answered before you ever leave your home.

Great news, MotoAmerica Superstock 600 racer Melissa Paris has the answers to all of those questions. Melissa is happy to announce that for 2016 she has teamed up with Seven Corners, a premier travel insurance company to promote its ArmorSM motorcycle touring insurance plan.

Seven Corners arrives to Paris’ MPH Racing M4 Suzuki team as the title sponsor. With this announcement, Melissa will be racing under her new team name: Seven Corners M4 Suzuki.

Upon her return from a race in France, an excited Paris had this to say about her new sponsors: “I am so excited to bring Seven Corners into the MotoAmerica paddock. It was through the exposure of my crowd-funding campaign on Dark Horse Pros that the folks at Seven Corners came to be the title partner.

“I meet so many motorcycle riders that travel long distance to come watch us race. I hear about their trips to the racetrack and trips to other places all over North America. With the Seven Corners Armor coverage, people can feel comfortable that they are covered on those trips over 100 miles.

“Plus, they offer so much more. I’m also happy that an outside-the-industry sponsor is excited about being involved with the MotoAmerica series. I will drop the new livery on Thursday, April 14, so stay tuned.”

Justin Tysdal, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Seven Corners, had this to say, “Everyone at Seven Corners is excited to support Melissa in her 2016 MotoAmerica season. We believe she is the perfect representation of the protection plans we have to offer—motors, adventure, sport, travel, as well as most endeavors involving adrenaline.”

Armor is a travel insurance plan designed by riders for riders. As Seven Corners states, “If you’re 100 miles or more from home, you’re covered with Armor for these scenarios and many more. Our travel team is a phone call away, ready to help with an assortment of services designed for you.

“And even though Armor is customized for motorcycle touring, you’re covered whether you’re on a motorcycle trip or not. You’re also protected for worldwide travel.”