Racing For Dollars: There’s Money To Be Made In MotoAmerica

Travis Wyman has a thumb for both races he’s won in the 2018 MotoAmerica Stock 1000 class. Photo by Brian J. Nelson

At the beginning of the race season, we reported that more than $6 million is up for grabs to racers competing this year in MotoAmerica. Our point was that there is legitimate money to made and that applies to racers competing in the two new support classes that MotoAmerica introduced for 2018: Stock 1000 and Twins Cup.

With just two races in the books, Travis Wyman is undefeated so far in Stock 1000, and Chris Parrish has a win and a runner-up finish in Twins Cup. Each of them has stood on the podium twice, tasted (and sprayed) the champagne both times, and taken home the trophies. But, what have they been able to put in their pockets in terms of almighty dollars as rewards for their talent, skill, and success?

Weir Everywhere Racing’s Wyman is eligible to receive $3000 per race from BMW for campaigning an S1000 RR in Stock 1000, and he also won $1000 per race from MotoAmerica. So, after just two races, Wyman has earned a total of $8000.

Ghetto Customs/RBoM Racing’s Parrish is eligible to receive $3000 from Suzuki for winning Twins Cup race one at Road Atlanta aboard his SV650, as well as $2000 for finishing second in race two last Saturday at VIR. In addition, Parrish won $750 in MotoAmerica purse money at Road Atlanta and $500 at VIR. All told, Parrish has earned $6250 after just two races.

So, $8000 for Wyman and $6250 for Parrish. That’s a pretty good haul for a couple of weekends of racing in MotoAmerica’s support classes, and we are only a quarter of the way through the Stock 1000 and Twins Cup season, with six more money-earning races left to go.

Plus, for Wyman, if he can keep up his string of success, he will become eligible to win an additional $4500 in championship bonus money from BMW.

Is making money the best-kept secret in MotoAmerica road racing? Our apologies to Travis Wyman and Chris Parrish for letting the cat out of the bag, but to all you local fast racers and club champions out there, you need to get in on this MotoAmerica thing. It’s a dash for cash, and you’re missing out.