“Oh, You Shouldn’t Have. No, Really, You Shouldn’t Have”

The holiday spirit is alive and well in these Superbike riders. Photo by Brian J. Nelson.

In the spirit of the holidays, the EBC Brakes Superbike riders had an imaginary gift exchange, in which they generously gave each other the most thoughtful of presents.

We took notes, and here’s who exchanged and what was given:

Cameron Beaubier > Toni Elias

A Cameron Beaubier Championship t-shirt.

Toni Elias > Cameron Beaubier

Already gifted Cameron a Dunlop rear tire that Toni made himself earlier in the year.

JD Beach > Garrett Gerloff

A bottle of Pepto-Bismol for all his new traveling. He’s a sensitive guy so his belly is probably sensitive, too.

Garrett Gerloff > JD Beach

A really high-quality, good-smelling hair conditioner to keep his curly locks in top form.

A self-help book from Kyle Wyman to recently engaged Mathew Scholtz. So thoughtful.

Kyle Wyman > Mathew Scholtz

How To Be A Husband

Mathew Scholtz > Kyle Wyman

A South Africa Springboks 2019 Rugby World Cup Champions jersey

Josh Herrin > Jake Lewis

A Superbike ride.

Jake Lewis > Jake Gagne

A four-leaf clover because he’s lucky to get that Yamaha seat.

Jake Gagne > Josh Herrin

BEER… and lots of it.

David Anthony > Cam Petersen

Two things: a bucket because of the time he threw up all over my bike and a new phone. Clearly, his is broken because it always takes him a few days (if at all) to respond when you try to contact him.

Cam Petersen > David Anthony

No response. See David Anthony’s second gift above.

Max Flinders > Sam Verderico

Some boat polish for his 20 boats.

Sam Verderico > Max Flinders

A sponsorship from Sesame Street, a suit made of yellow feathers, and a helmet painted like Big Bird’s head. Then, he would finally match that damn yellow bike!