FT ECU Inc. Announces MotoAmerica Junior Cup Contingency Support Program

FT ECU has announced its 2018 MotoAmerica Junior Cup Contingency Support Program.

In a solid show of support for the inaugural 2018 MotoAmerica Junior Cup Championship, which debuts this weekend as part of the MotoAmerica Suzuki Championship at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia, FT ECU has announced its 2018 MotoAmerica Junior Cup Contingency Support Program with total support to FT ECU-contracted riders in excess of $25,000. The announcement was made by Chris Gardell, owner of FT ECU Inc.

“We’re excited about the inaugural season of the MotoAmerica Junior Cup Championship,” Gardell said. “And we’re proud to support young riders competing in the new series by offering contingency money from FT ECU. Not only can FT ECU products help them compete and win, but we’ll pay them results-based bonuses for using our products and promoting our company.”
To earn contingency money, MotoAmerica Junior Cup riders must sign a formal contract with FT ECU, agree to use FT ECU products, promote the FT ECU brand by displaying FT ECU logos on their racebike(s) and leathers, and also via social media posts mentioning FT ECU.
For all 17 of the scheduled 2018 MotoAmerica Junior Cup races, FT ECU will pay podium bonuses to FT ECU-contracted riders, with $500 for each race win, $400 for each second-place finish, and $300 for each third-place result. In addition, FT ECU will pay $2500 if an FT ECU-contracted rider wins the 2018 Junior Cup Championship, $1500 for a runner-up finish in the championship, and $750 for a third-place championship result.
All told, FT ECU is offering a grand total of $25,100 in contingency support. 
For more information about the 2018 FT ECU MotoAmerica Junior Cup Contingency Support Program, visit https://ftecu.com/2018-junior-cup/
To sign up for the Program, send an email message to Kirk Doherty at Kirk@FTECU.com