Brandon Paasch Returns To MotoAmerica Series For Road America Round

Paasch in action aboard the #21 TSE Racing Yamaha YZF-R6 during this year’s Daytona 200, where he finished fifth.

Brandon Paasch, who won the 2016 MotoAmerica KTM RC Cup Championship, is returning to the MotoAmerica Series. He will compete in the Supersport class aboard the #21 TSE Yamaha YZF-R6 at the MotoAmerica Dunlop Championship at Road America, May 31-June 2.

For 2019, Paasch’s main focus has been on the British Superbike Championship’s HEL Performance Motostar Moto3 class, and thus far, he’s having a stellar season overseas. The New Jersey rider is currently leading the class championship by 14 points.

When asked about the timing of his return to the MotoAmerica Series, Paasch said, “Right now, BSB is on a five-week break because of the Isle of Man. A lot of British riders compete at the Isle of Man so the BSB series goes on break. The time off gives me a perfect opportunity to race in MotoAmerica again at Road America. Plus TSE Yamaha, the team I’m racing for at Road America, is located in Wisconsin so it’s their home track.”

In 2016, then-15-year-old Paasch won the MotoAmerica KTM RC Cup Championship.

Paasch raced a TSE Yamaha-sponsored Yamaha R6 in two rounds of the MotoAmerica Series in 2017 when he competed in the Supersport class at Road America and Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

He also raced a TSE Yamaha R6 in this year’s Daytona 200, and he finished fifth. “We ran the Daytona 200 aboard this same bike in March, so I’ve got some good laps on it, and I’m looking forward to racing it again.”

When Paasch raced in the MotoAmerica KTM RC Cup back in 2016 and won the championship, he was just 15 years old. Since then, Paasch has experienced a growth spurt and is now six feet tall. His lanky stature creates a challenge for him, ergonomically, on the diminutive 2018 ex-MotoGP Moto3 that he races in BSB.

“On that bike, we had to move the footpegs way back and also make some changes to the seat in order to give me more room,” commented Paasch. “It’s still a tight squeeze.”

Paasch aboard the ex-MotoGP Moto3 bike that he currently races in the British Superbike Championship’s HEL Performance Motostar class.

He doesn’t have that problem on the roomier TSE Yamaha R6.

“I fit fine on the R6,” he said. “It’s also got a lot more power, so I’m looking forward to twisting the throttle on it at Road America.”

When asked if he’ll compete at anything other MotoAmerica rounds this season besides Road America, Paasch said, “Maybe Pittsburgh, but we will have to see. Road America is the only one that fits perfectly into my 2019 schedule, because of this five-week break for the Isle of Man, but we might be able to squeeze Pittsburgh in, too. We’ll see, but right now, getting a good result at Road America is our main focus.”