MotoAmerica Superstock 1000 champion describes how he is giving back to the sport of motorcycling.

“There are many great athletes in our Central Valley, including a Clovis resident who doesn’t mind living life in the fast lane.

“To say Josh Herrin has been riding motorcycles his whole life wouldn’t be a stretch.

“‘My dad used to race actually,’ he said. ‘So, I started going to the track when I was a baby, started racing when I was 6.’

“Herrin, who lives in Clovis, turned pro at 16 and has been leaving his competition in the dust ever since.

“‘I’ve been racing, it was AMA Pro Super Bikes since I was 16 years old,’ Herrin said. ‘I was the youngest rider to ever get on the podium, youngest rider to win a race, second youngest to ever win the Daytona 200 at 19, now I’m 26 and been doing it for 10 years.'”

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