Twins Piqued: Andy Palmer Brings MotoArts To MotoAmerica

Jason Madama will race an AP MotoArts Yamaha FZ-07 for the Altus Motorsport team this weekend at Road Atlanta in the new Twins Cup class. Photo by Brian J. Nelson

When the MotoAmerica Twins Cup Championship debuts this weekend at Road Atlanta, the Suzuki SV650 – a bike that is a very popular choice among club racers throughout the U.S. – will most likely be well-represented in the brand-new racing class. But, another popular motorcycle that’s eligible for Twins Cup racing will also undoubtedly line up on the grid, and it’s a model that’s not only a best-selling, standard-style streetbike but, thanks to Andy Palmer of AP MotoArts, it’s also a very capable racebike.

That motorcycle is the Yamaha FZ-07 (renamed an MT-07 for 2018), and Palmer has created an entire company based on the knowledge base, custom parts, and turnkey racebikes that he has developed based on the FZ-07.

Palmer, along with four of his creations ridden by two of his team riders plus two privateers, participated in last month’s MotoAmerica Dunlop Official Preseason Test at Barber Motorsports Park. Topping the lap charts in MotoAmerica Twins Cup testing was AP MotoArts/Yamaha FZ-07 rider Brad Perdiew, followed by his quasi-teammate Altus Motorsports/Yamaha FZ-07 rider Jason Madama. Both riders were aboard AP-MotoArts-built machines, and Palmer recently moved his southern-California-based operation to Oklahoma so that he could partner with Altus Motorsports, which is located in Altus, Oklahoma. SportRider Coaching’s Carl Price, along with Sam Wang, a privateer rider out of Dublin, Ohio, both purchased AP MotoArts/Yamaha FZ-07s from Palmer and also participated in the test at Barber. All four riders are expected to take part in this weekend’s Twins Cup class during the MotoAmerica Suzuki Championship at Road Atlanta.

As the “AP” in the name “AP MotoArts,” Andy Palmer previously built and raced some of the fastest SV650 motorcycles in the world. His bikes hold lap records on most of the tracks in the Western United States. So, no one knows better than Palmer how his FZ-07 racebikes will stack up against the Suzuki V-twins that will almost certainly dominate the MotoAmerica Twins Cup grid.

“I’ve spent countless hours developing the right parts to transform a dedicated streetbike into a legitimate racebike,” Palmer said. “And, this weekend, we get to witness the proof of concept at Road Atlanta.”

MotoAmerica Twins Cup first practice gets under way at Road Atlanta this Friday at 9 a.m., final qualifying is on Saturday morning at 9:40 a.m., and the first-ever MotoAmerica Twins Cup race will go green later in the day on Saturday at 4:30 p.m.